Agricultural Rural Horse Farm

VISSOLIS installed a 50 kW system on the roof of the 19,000 ft² indoor arena on the Riverdale Horse Farm. The horse farm is well known in the state for its breeding, boarding, and training facilities. The property owner already had installed and invested in a 200 kW ground mounted system for his own in 2012. VISSOLIS leases the roof space and manages installation and operation. This was at no cost for the agricultural business. By adding the additional capacity, the horse farm even became a net exporter of electricity and feeds electricity back into the grid. Agriculture is one of Tennessee´s major industries. Agricultural customers have a lot of land available which could be used for PV projects even without disturbing and disrupting the farming operations.

“VISSOLIS is easy to work with and they deliver what is promised.”

Barry Brown, Brown Construction, Fayetteville, Tennessee


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