Lincoln Farms I-IV, Fayetteville, TN

VISSOLIS structured, designed, financed, installed, and owns and manages the Lincoln Farm projects. Technically, they are four projects of 750 kW each but since they were built the same time and with the same stakeholders in the project, we consider it to be a 3 MW project. It was the first project for VISSOLIS in the USA. The power is purchased be Tennessee Valley Authority over 20 years under a Power Purchase Agreement (Generation Partners Program). The energy feeds into the grid through Fayette Public Utilities. FPU became, literarily speaking, overnight a leading solar utility, ranking 3rd
in the nation in 2011 in terms of Solar Watt installed per customer. In 2012, FPU moved even up to rank number 2 in the Unites States. VISSOLIS is proud to have contributed to the success.

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