UA Tech Park in Tucson, AZ

Experience – Hit the ground running

Only a few weeks before year-end 2011, VISSOLIS was approached by the PV module manufacturer Astronergy to save a stalled project. It was developed by an unrelated party and was in danger of being cancelled because of the lack of fi nancing, expiration of the Power Purchase Agreement and the termination of the land lease. Within only a few weeks, VISSOLIS managed to restructure the project, brought it back on track, fi nanced it with both, equity and bank loans, procured material and commenced with the installation of a signifi cant nature before year-end. Not only the project was saved, but also the 1603 Grant was safe harbored.

Competence – Playing with the big boys

VISSOLIS structured, financed, and managed the installation of the utility-scale project and interacted with the leaders of the industry. The 6.1 MW groundmounted project is located in the Solar Zone of University of Arizona Tech Park in Tucson, Arizona. The University of Arizona received the Green Innovator Prize of the Year 2012 for its Solar Zone development. The electricity is being sold through a Power Purchase Agreement to Tucson Electric Power (TEP). The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has recognized TEP as the Investor Owned Utility of the Year 2012. Close to completion of the installation, the project was sold to Duke Energy, the largest utility in the United States.

“Global resources combined with local Balance of System and Labor made this project a success story for VISSOLIS.“

Carlos Mayer, Executive Director VISSOLIS, Inc.



Quality – Fitness for purpose

Before the installation had commenced, the project was fi nanced through equity of a private investor and a bank loan from the North American Development Bank (NADB). On behalf of the bank, professional third party consultants audited and verified all our undertakings from dawn to dusk and from dusk till dawn. Without quality control and quality management, VISSOLIS would not have sustained and sold the project at the end.

Project description

  • System AC Rating (kWAC): 5,000
  • Module Type: Astronergy CHSM 5031T (LR)
  • Module Nameplate Rating: 6,119 kWp DC (125 Wp and 130 Wp)
  • Number of Modules: 48,006
  • Inverter Type: 10 x 500 kW Advanced Energy Solaron 500E
  • Annual Generation (MWh /year): 11,565
  • DC Capacity Factor: 21.6%
  • Annual Yield (kWh/ kWp): 1,890
  • Performance Ratio: 80.9 %

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