VISSOLIS - Strategies and Values

The key success factors of VISSOLIS are experience, competence, and quality. Through the leadership and professional experience of Michael and Carlos, paired with expertise of Tim and Keith, VISSOLIS has grown from scratch in the US to become a leading EPC contractor in the Tennessee Valley. In classes at University, engineers will learn the principle “form follows function”. Michael and Carlos – the banker and the accountant – are convinced that “form follows financing”. Based on their professional experience and competence, the senior management of VISSOLIS teams up with highly qualified professional engineers and attorneys to get the right job done right, bankable, accountable, technical, and legal. This is the difference between theory and praxis and a key success factor of VISSOLIS. Oops, now we have shared our secret of success.

VISSOLIS focuses on quality. We source and procure key components and balance-of-system material from leading global manufacturers who are known and proven for their quality, services, and bankable guaranties and warranties. We strongly believe in decentralized power and local job generation. Solar energy is worldwide an economic engine and local job booster for engineers and installers. The combination of global materials and local labor is the symbiosis for best quality at competitive prices for the benefit of both: the utility rate payer and the owners of the system.

Based on what you have read about the professional background of the company’s management you would have expected it: Quality means not only labor and material, but also bankability and accountability for its equity and debt investors. Many module manufacturers promise 25-year performance warranties without financial backup. We focus on manufacturers who back up their products with quality manufacturing practices and a strong financial history, and more importantly reinsure the warranties by leading reinsurance companies. 

Research and development, work force training and public education and demonstration, manufacturing and assembly are very important to us. We partner with leading Universities and search for open dialog on sustainable growth and reduction in fossil fuel use with Research and Technology Centers. We build bridges between manufacturers and universities, even contributed to the Transatlantic Climate Bridge between United States of America and Germany.